A Warm Welcome to Friends

I would like to humbly welcome all of you that have come here today to go on a wondrous journey with me, as I share with you my personal life experiences through thoughts, ideas, growth, spirituality,creativity, art, poetry, and much, much more.

You will explore the mysteries of my mind and fully understand the love in my heart, for those who dare to venture deeper into the secrets realms that I withhold only for those who come to seek its truth.

May you be filled with delight and be touched deep within your soul as my personal stories unfold through many different mediums.  You will soon realize that my life journey is no different from your own, and that we share many similarities, questions, and interests.

Each and everyone of us is here for a specific purpose, to explore the mysteries of life and to learn more about who we are and how we fit in to the whole scheme of things.  To challenge ourselves, to overcome duality, to grow, to evolve into higher beings of who we are, this is definitely an experience of a life time.

I invite you friends with open arms and a warm smile to embark on this exciting journey together as we unite in peace, love, kindness, and joy, for soon enough you will venture into my world and be entrenched with the wonders of my mind.

The time has finally come for me to start sharing my artistic abilities with all those who welcome it.

I truly hope you enjoy and appreciate my thoughts and my feelings that are expressed through my different art work.

Bless you and be of much joy,

Dumay Keo